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Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense and Wage/Bank Garnishment Defense

Our firm does not have a fixed price for defending debt collection lawsuits or for defending wage or bank garnishments. Each case and client is unique. In most cases, Mr. DeWoskin can offer a free consultation, which may take place by phone or in person. He will review your lawsuit or garnishment, discuss possible resolutions, and determine the attorney’s fees that would be required for our services.

Our firm attempts to be as flexible as is reasonably possible with payment arrangements so that we may accommodate your financial situation. Our fees are often a fraction of the amount for which our clients are being sued. Call us today at 404-987-0026 to learn more about your options.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Lawsuits

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects consumers (you) from being harrassed unlawfully by debt collectors. The FDCPA authorizes courts to award attorney’s fees incurred by the consumer (you) in the event that your lawsuit against the debt collector is successful. Such a reward would require that the debt collector pay for your attorney’s fees. In many cases, this means that you may not have to bear any initial out-of-pocket expenses to hire our firm to pursue a debt collector for violations of the FDCPA.

Lawsuits against debt collectors for violations of the FDCPA may be brought in the Magistrate, State, or Superior Courts of Georgia, as well as Federal Court. These lawsuits may be brought as a new lawsuit or as a counterclaim to a lawsuit that has been filed by the debt collector against you. Call us today at 404-987-0026 to learn more about your options.

Free Consultation

Mr. DeWoskin will often offer a free consultation on the defense of debt collection defense lawsuits, and the defense of bank or wage garnishments. Additionally, he will often do the same for actions against debt collectors for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. However, given the busy nature of our office and the attention we devote to our clients’ cases, such consultations must be scheduled in advance and will often require that documents be faxed, scanned, and/or emailed to our office in advance. This is how we are able to respond quickly, as all lawsuits pose time restraints that must be observed and taken seriously.

To schedule your consultation and find out if a free consultation is available, contact us at 404-987-0026.


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